In the Far North, a tiny snowflake starts an avalanche. With the whispers of the Wind, She sweeps across the World. She is a force of nature; her name is Wyilda. Wyilda is seduced by the charms of the World, but soon learns that he is a fickle soul. Armed with courage and a cunning fox riding on her shoulders, Wyilda sets out to change the wicked ways of the World.

Northerners know all too well that a single snowflake can start an avalanche. However, an avalanche by its very nature is an elaborate dance of billions of snowflakes. So, Wyilda calls upon all Wild Ones to join her quest. She calls upon you.

Color the World Wild!



A scarf is the ultimate statement piece, so why settle for anything but the best? A Wyilda scarf is crafted from premium mulberry silk with hand-stitched hems. The thickness of the silk twill and silk chiffon scarves is 18 m/m and 12 m/m, respectively. The scarf comes in luxury gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by one of our Founders. Each design celebrates the Far North – the land of the Wild.

Our scarves are made of 100% silk, because the silk-fibre has a number of desirable qualities that set it apart from other natural fibers. Let us tell you a little about the fiber. Silk is the softest and comfiest fabric that you could ever wear against your skin; hence the term ”silky-smooth”. Silk is a light and warm fabric that breathes. In fact, similar to wool, silk can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture. A silk scarf will keep you warm during cold winters and cool during hot summer days. The fiber is also very resistant to mould, moths and dust mites. Although the fibre is thinner than hair it is as strong as iron wire. This is why we can with confidence tell our customers that a Wyilda scarf can be passed on through generations. It is a lifetime investment.



The story of Wyilda dates back thirty years. It all began in Haparanda – a remote township in the Far North.

The founders Petra Salenvall, CEO, and Hanna Wallo, CD, forged their friendship with childhood summers spent discovering the magic and wildness of the surrounding forests. While picking flowers and chasing butterflies, they learned of the wild beauty in the nature of lush wildflower fields and the deep green forests that created the scenery of cherished childhood memories. Hanna strives to capture the essence of these moments in her design. At the age of fifteen, Petra ever the explorer, felt a new calling beyond the forests and wildflowers of her childhood that she loved so dearly; she left to begin a new adventure.

Petra and Hanna parted ways, but their friendship never faded. They both continued on the paths that they had embarked upon as children - Hanna by studying fashion and interior design, while Petra travelled the world learning about politics and trade. However, where ever in the world Petra found herself she never forgot about Hanna, or the promise that she made her as a child - together they would color the world beautiful. The more of the world Petra saw; the more determined she became to keep her promise to Hanna. To Petra, Hanna’s drawings represented home.

Spending time in third world countries took its toll on Petra. Faced with extreme poverty and injustices, especially against women, she grew tired of standing on the sidelines. Petra wanted to make a difference.

The same dreams that once pulled Petra and Hanna in different directions; brought the two back together fifteen years later. A vision emerged and Wyilda was born.

This is the duo on a mission to bring You Scandinavian Sustainable Luxury Accessories. They want to provide you the best in terms of quality; and do so in a fair and just way. A Northerner never compromises on the things that really matter, and neither should you.



We strive to minimize our environmental footprint; Wyilda scarves are made from high-quality natural fibers without any hazardous chemicals. Our production partners have international certification guaranteeing that all components of a Wyilda scarf, from thread to print, are free from hazardous chemicals. All Wyilda scarves are free from formaldehyde, APEOs and AZOs. If you are interested in receiving further information about our certificates, please email our customer service.

Wyilda is a small brand with a grand vision: to be in complete control of our production in developing countries. This way we can introduce Nordic standards in terms of employment benefits on less regulated labour markets. These benefits include decent working hours, healthcare, paid vacation and childcare. This also helps us ensure that production is conducted in a manner that does not inflict any unnecessary harm on the environment. We believe that leading by example is the best, and perhaps only, way to end the exploitation of millions of people working in fashion factories.

Being a small brand, we are not there yet. Therefore, we collaborate with AWAJ – a trade union in Bangladesh. AWAJ represents hundreds of thousands of women working in fashion factories. Their services include: legal aid, education, assistance with negotiations and childcare. AWAJ makes a difference, and we donate 5% of our profits to them. Together we can make a difference. For more information, please visit AWAJ’s website.

We believe in full transparency and disclose the contact information of all our suppliers. On each product page, you can find information about who made your scarf.

We are always on the lookout for new collaboration partners. If you are a sustainable and fair producer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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